14 February 2014

Cannondale Pro Cycling and Sojasun Become Partners

The partnership agreement aims to create an innovative and dedicated program around riders’ nutrition


February 14 – Cannondale Pro Cycling and Sojasun, a premium brand of the French Triballat Noyal Group, have signed a partnership agreement for the 2014 cycling season to create an innovative and dedicated program around riders’ nutrition. Sojasun experts will make their experience available to the team to improve an important aspect of professional athletes – their diets. Stéphane Heulot, whom Cannondale Pro Cycling has chosen as the team’s new Performance Development Director, will lead the new partnership. As Performance Development Director, Heulot will also have the support of the Green Machine’s medical and training staff.

“We’re passionate about racing and furthering the sport of pro cycling with a fun and exciting team that can win races around the world.  For the team to perform at their best, they need the best products on, and off the bike,” said Bob Burbank, Global General Manager of Cannondale. ”We’re excited to partner with Sojasun, a well-respected leader in nutrition and health.  Sojasun will bring an innovative nutrition program to the team regimen and help fuel the team through the entire season.”

“The support we’ll have from Sojasun will offer us the chance to a step in the right direction in terms of quality performance care,” said Cannondale Pro Cycling team manager Roberto Amadio. “The partnership will provide an added benefit to our medical and training staff offering new contributions to what we’ve done in past years. A modern and innovative approach to cycling is the key to performing at the highest level. It is also an insight into our sport philosophy. The improvement of team’s instruments and structure is what we want to accomplish now and in the future.”

“We’re excited to become partner of Cannondale Pro Cycling and to continue the sport project we created with Stéphane,” said Olivier Clanchin, President of Triballat Noyal Group. “For Sojasun it’s a great opportunity to promote the quality of the products all around the world, especially in France, Spain and Italy. The 2014 season will be an important season to build a strong base for a marketing and communications collaboration. We’re looking forward to start this new experience with Cannondale Pro Cycling and, I’m sure we’ll be satisfied.”

“The partnership between Cannondale Pro Cycling and Sojasun it’s a great news,” Heulot. “I’m really happy to be part of this project. I will bring my Sojasun experience to Cannondale Pro Cycling and help the team grow and improve in every aspect of nutrition.”